My site is about Amateur Radio, privacy and other subjects that interests me.

Amateur Radio

My Amateur Radio call sign is SM0RUX and I’ve been licensed since 1986. Today I mainly work QRP (using as little power as possible) on the HF band. I’m also using digital modes like D-STAR, DMR and Packet Radio to keep in touch with my friends.

Privacy and integrity

Keeping you privacy and integrity is more and more difficult. Being online means that you leave traces whatever you do. But there are a few thing you actually can do to increase the chances keep some of your privacy. Worth mentioning here are

Change your online behaviour

Regardless of your technical solutions you have to keep your behaviour in mind. If you always login to your mail account while you visit another web page it’s not that difficult to find a pattern and in a longer term find out how is visiting the other page.

Use technical solutions

  • Use one computer for your “public” work and another computer when you want to go under the radar.
  • Use a VPN service to hide your true IP address and to keep your privacy when using public networks.
  • Use an operating system you trust.
  • Use applications like web browsers built using Open Source.
  • Use add blockers and don’t save more cookies than is necessary  and delete cookies when you close the browser.

Think twice before using free services

If a service is free you are probably the goods being sold! Work active to take steps away from Google, Yahoo, Facebook and other sites. There are good options!

Best regards & 73’s de
SM0RUX Pontus