About me

My name is Pontus Falk and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. Since 1986 I am a licensed Amateur Radio operator. My callsign is SM0RUX.


On this website I write about things I find important.


I hope you will find some usefull information here!

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Welcome to ax25.org!

Why ax25.org?

AX.25 is a data link layer protocol derived from the X.25 protocol suite and designed for use by amateur radio operators. It is used extensively on amateur packet radio networks.

[Source: wikipedia.org]


In the late 80's, when I got my Amateur Radio license, I quickly became very active on what was known as Packet Radio. Later on I became active using TCP/IP via Amateur Radio frequencies. For about 10 years from 2001, I was responsible for the Swedish branch of amprnet.


Online Integrity

Over the years I have been more and more concerned about what other know about us. I have no major problems that NSA, GCHQ, BND, DGSE and FRA follows my online activities.


However, have you spend a minute thinking about how much information about us are stored - and used - by companies like Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Amazon?


Amatuer Radio

Amateur Radio is defined by ITU, a UN organization.


Today I am mainly active on Digital Voice modes like D-STAR and DMR. I also like taking my radio gear outdoor working the HF bands portable.


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