Welcome to AX25.org, a site about amateur radio and online privacy by SM0RUX Pontus.

Amateur radio

Amateur radio is a fully recognized radiocommunication services defined in the Radio Regulations of the International Telecommunication Union and the amateur service is one of the oldest radio service and pre-dates regulation of radiocommunication.

There are basically as many variates and facets of amateur radio as there are radio amateurs.

My main interests

I really enjoy working QRP meaning I use as little power as possible to establish a contact. While many of my friends user 100, 500 and even 2000 watts I hardly ever use more than 5 watts, equal to a low power light bulb.

I’m also into different modes such as D-STAR, DMR and Packet Radio using the AX.25 protocol.

Privacy and integrity

Over the years I’ve become more and more concerned about our online privacy and how to keep our privacy. Privacy is a human right declared by UN and still we allow companies to collect information about us that we maybe not share even with our family. We also allow governments to collect information, in many cases just because they can.

Please remember, if you have nothing to hide you are privileged!