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On this web site you can read about my main hobby, amateur radio. My name is Pontus. Since 1986 I'm also known as SM0RUX.


Pontus at the age of 5!

I am active on all amateur radio bands from 160 m to 70 cm, mainly using different Phone Modes, including DV Modes, as well as Digital Modes. I also enjoy contesting and working portable QRP from a nice place outdoor.


Since 2001 I use Linux. From the beginning I used a distribution called Red Hat. Later I moved to Slackware and now the main distributions used is Ubuntu on workstations and Debian on servers. I have a couple of Raspberry Pi's for different tasks.


Since 2013 I'm highly involved in the D-STAR network in Sweden. I became SSA Digital Manager in 2014. SSA is the Swedish IARU association.


I have big concerns about the online security. As far as possible I prefer to use secure methods to communicate with my friends.


This domain, ax25.org, was registered in January 2003. At that time I was in charge of the Swedish branch of AMPRNet.


Welcome to my World of Amateur Radio!



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