I use a number of tools to keep my privacy and integrity. I do this not because I have something to hide but just because I think our government as well as companies trace us too much. I bet Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Ebay, AliExpress, Microsoft, Apple and others know more about us than we do ourself. And you can be sure they never forget!

I truly believe Free/Libre Open Source Software, like Linux, is a much better option compared with proprietary software like Windows and macOS.

Operating system

The operating system I primarily use is a Linux distribution called Xubuntu.


You can read a lot of “the best VPN” test if you search the web. I’ve come to the conclusion that almost all of these VPN services offer an affiliate program meaning that the site recommending a service as “best in test” get money from the VPN provider.

I have heard only good about Mullvad VPN from several friends I trust. Maybe I should add that Mullvad doesn’t offer any affiliate program?

Web Browser

I normally use Mozilla Firefox with a number of add-ons when surfing. Some say Chrome is a better choice, but sorry – I don’t trust Google from an integrity perspective.


I use the following Firefox add-ons:

  • HTTPS Everywhere
  • Privacy Badger
  • Disable WebRTC
  • DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

Maybe NoScript is a good add-on as well, but I haven’t installed it.

Tor Browser

I have Tow Browser installed.


Yes, I have the Chrome browser installed. Only used when I want to cast to my Chromecast.


I have Signal messaging app installed in my Android phone and in my Xubuntu laptop I have the desktop version installed.

I use Signal not because EFF and Edward Snowden say so, but because their software is open-source.


GNU Privacy Guard, GnuPG, is an OpenPGP compliant tool that I use to sign and encrypt when mailing.