Some are a bit stupid. A few are morons. Then we have Lukashenko.

Nikolai Petrov-Pool/Reuters

I am certainly not the smartest guy on the planet. However, one man is probably in his own class – Belarus president mr Lukashenko.

No one will die of coronavirus in our country. I publicly declare this. We have already found combinations of drugs to save people.

President Lukashenko

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What do Mr Trump and Mr Xi have in common?

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The Chinese president, Mr Xi, said through his politically controlled media that Sweden had given up the fight against the Corona virus. Of course, it was not true then and it is not true today either.

The President of the United States, Mr. Trump, now says that if there is chaos in Sweden and that we are suffering. In addition, if the United States did as little as Sweden, then two million Americans would die in this pandemic.

We have to ask ourselves who we shut down schools, cinemas, restaurants, shopping areas etc. It is clear that it is not for the school children, cinema visitors or the owners of restaurants and shops.

There are two parties that must be protected:

  • those who belong to a risk group (the elderly
  • those with underlying illnesses) and those who take care of the sick (doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals)

Sweden has not introduced a complete closure of our society, as has been done in parts of Italy and Spain, for example. Why? Because it is not needed and because when you open up after on lock-down, the spread of the virus will take new momentum in these countries.
In Sweden, we have instead been asked to stay at home as much as possible and if it is not possible, we are urged not to go by public transport.

In addition, we have been invited to stay at home and in self-quarantine if we are not completely healthy, whether we have covid-19 or are otherwise ill.

Sweden’s way of solving the problems arising from an overly rapid spread is thus different from the rest of the world. Mr Xi – in Sweden we have not given up. Mr Trump – we are probably suffering less and we are probably doing more right than you expect and only the future can show which country has done the right thing. Mr Trump – we have not yet buried our citizens in mass graves!

First Transatlantic Contact on 70 Centimeters Reported


History appears to have been made on April 7, when an operator at D4VHF in Cape Verde off the African Coast and Burt Demarcq, FG8OJ, on Guadeloupe in the Caribbean completed a contact on 70 cm using FT8 — a distance of 3,867 kilometers (2,398 miles). This would mark the first transatlantic contact on that band that did not involve satellites or moonbounce. The most likely mode of propagation was marine ducting, with the signal being trapped close to the ocean surface.

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Hamvention QSO Party Set for Saturday, May 16


The Hamvention QSO Party, a sort of virtual Dayton Hamvention®, will take place on the HF bands on May 16, which would be the Saturday of the now-canceled event.

Let’s celebrate the many years we have all had at the Great Gathering we call Hamvention.

Tim Duffy, K3LR, and Michael Kalter, W8CI

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IARU turns 95


Saturday, 18 April 2020 is World Amateur Radio Day, this year marking the 95th anniversary of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU).

Around the world, amateur radio special event stations will mark the event on the air, starting on the 18th at 0000UTC and continuing until the 19th at 2359.

The theme this year is Celebrating Amateur Radio’s Contribution to Society and the Covid-19 pandemic casts the event in a different light than in years past.

A few short weeks ago, many of us could not imagine the levels of isolation that we are now dealing with and the sacrifices of many on the front lines of the pandemic. As we have done in past challenges to our society, amateur radio will play a key part in keeping people connected and assisting those who need support.

IARU President Tim Ellam, VE6SH/G4HUA

Nyheter IARU


IARU, International Amateur Radio Union, har en ny hemsida och där finns en hel del nyheter!

Bland annat:

  • Delning av kunskap via internet av Algeriet och Tunisien.
  • COVID19 special initiativ, med gratis tidningar att ladda ner och information om special signaler “STAYHOME”
  • Tillstånd för icke amatörer att köra radio i Spanien.
  • Och Nöd frekvens på QO-100 satellit.
  • World Amateur Radio Day 18 april 2020.

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New TQSL Version 2.5.2 Provides Better LoTW Rover Support, Other Improvements


The latest version of TrustedQSL (TQSL), version 2.5.2, offers improved Logbook of The World (LoTW) support for operations from several locations, as well as the ability to detect uploads that contain incorrect location data. The primary new feature in TQSL 2.5.2 allows logging programs, in conjunction with TQSL, to avoid incorrect contact uploads, while adding mechanisms to allow easy uploading of logs for roving stations. LoTW had required rovers to identify each location used as a separate location in TQSL. The new version of TQSL allows these operations to be handled much more smoothly by using information from the station’s logging program.

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RSGB contest “Hope QSO Party” drar igång


I dessa Corona tider kan en del radioamatörer känna sig ensam och isolerad. Vi kan ju som tur är köra radio, och hålla igång vårt sociala kontaktnät. Kanske dags att plocka fram någon bortglömd bygg- eller antennprojekt? Men vad sägs om en contest?

Vår systerorganisation RSGB arrangerar en contest mellan den 6e april och 15 maj. Varje contest är bara 90 minuter, körs varje veckodag på HF banden och dessutom i olika moder!

Har du aldrig kört en contest, är det kanske dags att börja nu…

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Bullshit, Beijing!

According to the reputable news agency Reuters China reports rise in new coronavirus cases due to imported infections. This is of course nothing but bullshit. The COVID-19/Corona situation in China is not under control except in the Communist party controlled media.

Why do you keep on telling lies, Beijing?

You find the Reuters article here.