My GnuPG key

I use GnuPG to sign almost all my outgoing e-mails. If the recipient also is using GnuPG I prefer to not only sign but also encrypt the e-mails.

The Key-ID of my GnuPG key is 0x190E5F6B3F57C384 and the fingerprint is 620A A422 B12D 1E1D B5F3 3C32 190E 5F6B 3F57 C384. Below is more info about my key.

$ gpg --fingerprint 0x190E5F6B3F57C384
pub rsa4096/0x190E5F6B3F57C384 2016-04-04 [SCA] [expires: 2021-04-03]
  Key fingerprint = 620A A422 B12D 1E1D B5F3 3C32 190E 5F6B 3F57 C384
uid [ultimate] Pontus Falk (SM0RUX)
uid [ultimate] [jpeg image of size 21959]
sub rsa4096/0xEBA227C53F044B78 2016-04-04 [E] [expires: 2021-04-03]
sub rsa4096/0x89B996178BADA887 2017-12-27 [A] [expires: 2021-04-03]

If you prefer to download my GnuPG key as a file you’ll find it here. When I meet you in person I would be happy to sign your key and to get my key signed by you!

Some people say it’s too difficult to encrypt e-mails, but using Mozilla Thunderbird with the Enigmail add-on it’s done seamlessly!