Digital Voice

I am QRV on D-STAR and DMR. I’ve been on D-STAR since august 2012 and on DMR since approx. late 2015. Both D-STAR and DMR are Digital Voice modes meaning the transmission is not frequency modulated (FM) nor amplitude modulated (AM). I could use local repeaters to gain access to the world-wide network of D-STAR and DMR repeaters, but I find it more convenient to run my own so-called hotspot.

On D-STAR I use an Icom ID-51Eplus and on DMR I use an AnyTone AT-D878UV Plus.

On DMR you find me on TG2400 (Regional SM0) and TG24080 (SM XIL). Also, feel free to give me a Private Call; my DMR ID is 2400029.

On D-STAR you find me on XLX699B. Feel free to use Callsign Routing to SM0RUX for a QSO.


In case you want to use my Anytone Code Plug, you find it here.

Repeaters in Scandinavia

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