Julian Assange


As you might have understood online privacy matters a lot to me.

This doesn’t mean I fully agree what Mr Julian Assange say or do. The same day as Mr Assange and Wikileaks releases as many leaks about China and Russia as they release about United States and its allies, that day I will re-evaluate my perception of them.

According my opinion Mr Assange and Wikileaks are connected to the Russian government to such level that we can call them Voice of Kremlin! Sarah Harrison, deeply involved in Wikileaks, helped Edward Snowden to escape to… Moscow.

Are all the people around Mr Assange good guys? No. One of them, Mr Jacob Appelbaum, is accused for sexual abuses in the film Risk by Laura Poitras. Mr Appelbaum’s abuses is even mentioned on Wikipedia. Maybe Mr Assange is guilty to whatever he is accused for by the Swedish prosecutor?

Yes, I believe we as individuals need to be able to keep our privacy and integrity when being online. But also states and governments need to keep secrets. Therefore all governmental agencies are not per definition bad.



I have renewed my ARRL membership for another year.


TrustedQSL version 2.4.5

I’ve now installed TrustedQSL (TQSL) version 2.4.5 to signed my ADIF log files before sending them to Logbook of The World.

Using Xubuntu 18.04 version 2.3.1 is supported but I wanted to use the latest version. This is how I installed the latest version:

  1. Download the latest version from arrl.org.
  2. Unpack the file tqsl-2.4.5.tar.gz.
  3. Go to the parent directory of the unpacked file.
  4. Execute the following commands:
    • “cmake .”
    • “make”
    • “sudo make install”

Voila – you know have TQSL version 2.4.5 installed!

Update: Here you find the release note for version 2.4.5.


SSA Annual Meeting

Next weekend, April 12th to April 14th, the Swedish Amateur Radio Association (SSA) will hold the Annual Meeting.

The meeting will take place in Lindesberg, a small town in mid part of Sweden.

Hopefully I can get a few QSL cards checked and my DXCC mixed diploma will then show 175 worked entities.



CQRLOG, made by OK7AN Petr (ex OK2CQR) and OK1RR Martin, is the #1 amateur radio logging software for Linux.


My DXCC standing

Here is my current DXCC standing:

Phone WKD: 168
CFM: 168

CW WKD: 47
CFM: 47

CFM: 11

MIX WKD: 174
CFM: 174



The operating system I’ve been using since 2013 is Xubuntu, an Ubuntu derivate with Xfce window manager. Xfce is a light-weight window manager making Xubuntu perfect for a little bit older computers as well as for you who wants the most out of a state of the art computer.

I’ve been using Linux since 2001. When I moved to the Xubuntu distribution in 2013 I decided to drop both Windows and macOS for my personal use.