SSA Annual Meeting

Next weekend, April 12th to April 14th, the Swedish Amateur Radio Association (SSA) will hold the Annual Meeting.

The meeting will take place in Lindesberg, a small town in mid part of Sweden.

Hopefully I can get a few QSL cards checked and my DXCC mixed diploma will then show 175 worked entities.



CQRLOG, made by OK7AN Petr (ex OK2CQR) and OK1RR Martin, is the #1 amateur radio logging software for Linux.


My DXCC standing

Here is my current DXCC standing:

Phone WKD: 168
CFM: 168

CW WKD: 47
CFM: 47

CFM: 11

MIX WKD: 174
CFM: 174



The operating system I’ve been using since 2013 is Xubuntu, an Ubuntu derivate with Xfce window manager. Xfce is a light-weight window manager making Xubuntu perfect for a little bit older computers as well as for you who wants the most out of a state of the art computer.

I’ve been using Linux since 2001. When I moved to the Xubuntu distribution in 2013 I decided to drop both Windows and macOS for my personal use.