Facebook vs Covid-19

It is estimated that each person infected with Covid-19 transmits the virus to 2.5 other people (I have seen numbers from 2.2 to just under 3 people). We can all see what Covid-19 is all about, right?

How many see your posts on Facebook and how many share them? Do you share posts yourself? I suspect that a post on Facebook is viewed, liked and shared by more than 2.5 people. In other words, the spread rate of crap in social media is even higher than Corona’s spread.

One problem with lies online is that there will never be any vaccine against news that sounds credible but contains factual errors.

If we now have to wash our hands frequently with soap and water and isolate ourselves if we have symptoms of Corona, then the authorities should be equally encouraged to not share posts where we have not checked the source. To be a bit more source-critical, simply.

If you think Covid-19 is spreading fast, fake news is spreading even faster and you never know who is the sender or what is the sender’s purpose with a post.

The latest iteration of the user-friendly Linux desktop distribution is now available.

Linux Magazine

Right on schedule, Canonical has released the latest version of the Ubuntu desktop. Focal Fossa includes plenty of new features that should excite any and all Linux and Ubuntu fans. This latest iteration of the Ubuntu desktop is an LTS (Long Term Support) release, which means it will be supported until 2025.

Focal Fossa is built upon the Linux 5.4 kernel (which is also an LTS release).

One of the most anticipated features included with 20.04 is the Wireguard VPN service, which is built-in at the kernel level and is significantly easier to setup than a traditional VPN. Wireguard is also more secure than other solutions, partially because it is implemented within the kernel and is limited to using only new and more secure cryptographic protocols.

Another big addition to Ubuntu 20.04 is GNOME 3.36, which includes a long-overdue revamping of the login screen. GNOME 3.36 enjoys a boost in performance, a new Do Not Disturb button, fractional scaling, the ability to remove the dock, even more snap support in GNOME Software, more default theme variants (which can now be selected from within Settings, instead of having to install the GNOME Tweaks tool), faster boot times, and improved ZFS support.

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Vad är det Bianca Ingrosso inte fattar?

Foto: Instagram

Stackars Bianca Ingrosso… enligt Expressen ville hon ha äggröra men kunde inte få det på sin brunch med mamma Pernilla.

Skulle köket ha gjort äggröra till henne så skulle de ha behövt ta betalt för rätten och då hade nog Bianca skrivit ner restaurangen för det eftersom bruncher väl brukar vara av buffétyp där allt ingår till ett fast pris, tänker jag. Ett Moment 22 för krögaren med andra ord.

Bianca vet ju så klart att krögaren som driver restaurangen hon skriver ner på Instagram inte kan svara med samma mynt. Dels för att man inte gör så och dels för att krögaren inte tjänar något på det. Därmed borde Bianca tänka sig för mycket noga innan hon i affekt postar sina meningslösa inlägg i sociala medier, tänker jag.

TrustedQSL 2.5.3

Do you use Logbook of The World, LoTW? If so, TrustedQSL, TQSL, version 2.5.3 has been released.

Are you still on version 2.5.2? Updated to 2.5.3 now as the conclution is “don’t use 2.5.2”.

Some are a bit stupid. A few are morons. Then we have Lukashenko.

Nikolai Petrov-Pool/Reuters

I am certainly not the smartest guy on the planet. However, one man is probably in his own class – Belarus president mr Lukashenko.

No one will die of coronavirus in our country. I publicly declare this. We have already found combinations of drugs to save people.

President Lukashenko

Feel free to read more about the biggest jerk on earth at reuters.com!

What do Mr Trump and Mr Xi have in common?

Nicolas Asfouri/AFP/Getty Images

The Chinese president, Mr Xi, said through his politically controlled media that Sweden had given up the fight against the Corona virus. Of course, it was not true then and it is not true today either.

The President of the United States, Mr. Trump, now says that if there is chaos in Sweden and that we are suffering. In addition, if the United States did as little as Sweden, then two million Americans would die in this pandemic.

We have to ask ourselves who we shut down schools, cinemas, restaurants, shopping areas etc. It is clear that it is not for the school children, cinema visitors or the owners of restaurants and shops.

There are two parties that must be protected:

  • those who belong to a risk group (the elderly
  • those with underlying illnesses) and those who take care of the sick (doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals)

Sweden has not introduced a complete closure of our society, as has been done in parts of Italy and Spain, for example. Why? Because it is not needed and because when you open up after on lock-down, the spread of the virus will take new momentum in these countries.
In Sweden, we have instead been asked to stay at home as much as possible and if it is not possible, we are urged not to go by public transport.

In addition, we have been invited to stay at home and in self-quarantine if we are not completely healthy, whether we have covid-19 or are otherwise ill.

Sweden’s way of solving the problems arising from an overly rapid spread is thus different from the rest of the world. Mr Xi – in Sweden we have not given up. Mr Trump – we are probably suffering less and we are probably doing more right than you expect and only the future can show which country has done the right thing. Mr Trump – we have not yet buried our citizens in mass graves!

Bullshit, Beijing!

According to the reputable news agency Reuters China reports rise in new coronavirus cases due to imported infections. This is of course nothing but bullshit. The COVID-19/Corona situation in China is not under control except in the Communist party controlled media.

Why do you keep on telling lies, Beijing?

You find the Reuters article here.

Jamboree On The Internet Special Edition

What is JOTI Special Edition?

This is a one-of-a-kind special edition of JOTI! Both educational and fun, this JOTI will bring Scouting to the homes of young people around the world during a challenging time. You can learn about safety measures, mental and physical health and digitally engage as global citizens through a range of different activities. The best part is, you’ll make new friends from around the world!

Read more at jotajoti.info!

Snart stänger Amsterdam – här hamstrar de marijuana


Nederländerna hade på måndagen bokfört omkring 1400 personer smittade med coronavirus, och 19 dödsfall.

Regeringen har nu infört nya regler som förbjuder krogar, barer och kaféer att hålla öppet. Livsmedelsbutiker har dock lov att vara öppna. Detta för att minska fortsatt spridning av viruset.

Även skolorna i landet har stängts till den 6 april, liksom gym, sportklubbar och offentliga bastuanläggningar.

Elever ska plugga på distans

På söndagen stängdes också så kallade coffeeshops i Amsterdam där man kan köpa och legalt konsumera olika cannabisprodukter.

Det ledde till köbildning på vissa ställen där kunderna ville ta chansen att köpa marijuana en sista gång före stängning, rapporterade nyhetsbyrån AP.

Elever och studenter i Nederländerna har inte fått något coronalov betonar myndigheter. Undervisningen ska i stället ske på distans med internetuppkopplade datorer tills skolorna tillåts öppna igen.

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