Facebook vs Covid-19

It is estimated that each person infected with Covid-19 transmits the virus to 2.5 other people (I have seen numbers from 2.2 to just under 3 people). We can all see what Covid-19 is all about, right?

How many see your posts on Facebook and how many share them? Do you share posts yourself? I suspect that a post on Facebook is viewed, liked and shared by more than 2.5 people. In other words, the spread rate of crap in social media is even higher than Corona’s spread.

One problem with lies online is that there will never be any vaccine against news that sounds credible but contains factual errors.

If we now have to wash our hands frequently with soap and water and isolate ourselves if we have symptoms of Corona, then the authorities should be equally encouraged to not share posts where we have not checked the source. To be a bit more source-critical, simply.

If you think Covid-19 is spreading fast, fake news is spreading even faster and you never know who is the sender or what is the sender’s purpose with a post.

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