The CQ WPX SSB 2019 certificate inspires me to participate in the upcoming CQ WW SSB 2019.


Finally I managed to…

For very long time I’ve tried to create an Ubuntu PPA, short for Personal Package Archives, as some ham radio software packages are very outdated.

Yesterday I attended a hacker event arranged by Uppsala Linux User Group to meet friends. My plan was to hack on a DX-cluster terminal but a few days before the event I found our that a guy from Finland, employed by Canonical, also would come to Uppsala.

Now I had my chance to ask how to create a PPA.

José was very helpful and guided me how to create a PPA – it is not that easy. As a test I created a PPA for TrustedQSL, a package radio amateurs to sign log files before uploading them to Logbook of the World.

Now you can update to TrustedQSL version 2.4.7 by adding my PPA.


Signal 1.27.2

I’ve updated to Signal 1.27.2. What is your excuse not to use an older version?


Web browser updates

Firefox 69.0 is now available in the Ubuntu repository. At the same time you can update to Tor Browser 8.5.5.