A quiet Saturday morning

Everything is quiet. My kids are not at home and my partner is still in bed. No traffic outside and the neighbours haven’t started to make sounds.

This is the best time of the week!

After another busy week at office I really enjoy Saturday mornings. Just to be up hearing nothing. No radio, no TV. I actually enjoy the absence of Amateur Radio traffic on D-STAR and DMR. My hotspot is connected to REF001C and TG91 but if there would be much traffic on the DV modes I would turn the volume down on my Icom ID-51 and on my Anytone AT-D878UV.

Just recently I bought a new ZUMSPOT-RPI hotspot. I’ve been on Digital Voice modes since 2012 and over the years I’ve been testing a number of hotspot solutions but this is the first hotspot I own that can do both D-STAR and DMR. Powered by Pi-Star the ZUMSPOT-RPI is a powerful little creature.

In one way I realise the Pi-Star software package consumes a lot of processor cycles that I really don’t need – but it works and over the years I’ve become more and more lazy.

Now it’s time for coffee! I wish you all a pleasant Saturday morning!