Keysining on August 12, 2019

Are you in Stockholm on August 12, 2019? Are you a GnuPG user? If so, feel free to attend the IX GnuPG keysigning party.

Maybe you come for Wikimania? Maybe you are in Stockholm for vacation? Maybe you live in Stockholm? Regardless, take the chance to increase your web of trust!



The 2026 Winter games

Milan-Cortina will host the Olympic Winter Games 2026!

Why did Milan-Cortina get the most votes? Probably because alcohol prices are too high in Sweden. The IOC members simply think of the visitors.


My openSPOT2

I keep on beta testing the openSPOT2 firmware. The last beta release is v43 and so far I haven’t found any issues.

openSPOT is a hotspot that can run D-STAR, DMR, C4FM, P25 and NXDN digital voice modes. It’s a perfect companion when travelling but on the down side it can’t use several modes at the same time like a Pi-Star can. On the other hand, when travelling I only bring one radio at a time.


My evening walk

During my evening walk I suddenly found myself about ten meters from a roe deer. We looked at each other a few minutes before I continued my walk.


A quiet Saturday morning

Everything is quiet. My kids are not at home and my partner is still in bed. No traffic outside and the neighbours haven’t started to make sounds.

This is the best time of the week!

After another busy week at office I really enjoy Saturday mornings. Just to be up hearing nothing. No radio, no TV. I actually enjoy the absence of Amateur Radio traffic on D-STAR and DMR. My hotspot is connected to REF001C and TG91 but if there would be much traffic on the DV modes I would turn the volume down on my Icom ID-51 and on my Anytone AT-D878UV.

Just recently I bought a new ZUMSPOT-RPI hotspot. I’ve been on Digital Voice modes since 2012 and over the years I’ve been testing a number of hotspot solutions but this is the first hotspot I own that can do both D-STAR and DMR. Powered by Pi-Star the ZUMSPOT-RPI is a powerful little creature.

In one way I realise the Pi-Star software package consumes a lot of processor cycles that I really don’t need – but it works and over the years I’ve become more and more lazy.

Now it’s time for coffee! I wish you all a pleasant Saturday morning!


National Day of Sweden

Today, June 6th, is the National Day of Sweden. Regardless what the jerk Donald Trump said about what in his mind happened last night here in our country, Sweden is a fantastic country to live in.

We, the citizens of Sweden, are granted free speech and we can travel as we like in our country.

I wish all Swedes around the world a pleasant National Day!


A different blog post

Normally I blog about amateur radio and online privacy but today I will write another type of blog post. Today is graduation day from high school for my youngest daughter.

I have two daughters. The older graduated from high school three years ago and now her little sister will do the same. The ceremony will start in about three hours from now and I guess we will party for a couple of hour.

I don’t know what you will study at university but I’m quite sure you will work with something related to humans. Many years ago you said you wanted to work as a social worker. Maybe you’ll work with the weak people in our society. Maybe you’ll work with drug addicts, or how about working at a human resources department at a large international company?

I know you will do a great job, whatever you chose to do!

I wish you all the best with your future life, Sanna. I love you!