I would never…

I never thought I would recommend a Chromebook to anyone, but I’ve changed my mind.

My father in-law is 78 years old and a couple of days ago he told me his computer is not working properly. The laptop is 8-ish years old and he realised the best thing to do is (most likely) to buy a new one. My father in-lay was working for an US tech company both as sales director and later as HR director until he retired about 15 years ago. Even today he has a huge ability to adopt new technical gadgets.

He asked me for advise to buy a new Window$ laptop. When I asked him about how he use his laptop I quite soon came to the conclusion that he should buy a Win laptop but a Chromebook. Off we went to a store nearby selling all sorts of gadgets including laptops. And home we went with a brand new (and very cheap) computer.

As he booted and logged in for the very first time on his new computer he asked me how he could check his e-mail, but before I answered he had figured it out all by himself.

In some cases an intuitive Chromebook is the best option. Not for me, but at least for my very clever father in-law.