The entry to the hobby of mine

In 1977-ish I bought myself a brand new Drake SSR-1 receiver. I was 12 years old and had a couple of friends who was into DX-ing and I thought it was fun. For a short period before buying the Drake I used my brother’s radio to try to catch a few foreign stations transmitting on the shortwave bands.

The Drake SSR-1 wasn’t to bad for a youngster at that time. Not too many settings had to be done and I sent signal reports all over the world. Today I’m sorry that I haven’t the QSL cards saved, I threw them away in the 90’s.

A few stations became my favorites at that time:

  • HCJB in Quito, Equador
    A Christian station who made programs in Swedish
  • Vatican Radio
    Another station with programs in Swedish
  • Radio Luxemburg
    For a very young teenager Radio Luxemburg on 1440 kHz (208 meters wavelength) was like the port to heaven. Here I could listen to new music.

Maybe DX-ing as a hobby at that time was like Spotify is tody?

In 1986 I got my ham radio license and from that date I haven’t been DX-ing. In addition, there are not too many stations on the HF bands these days to I guess DX-ing as a hobby is more or less dead.