DMR, a short for Digital Mobile Radio, is an open standard defined by European Telecommunications Standards Institute for digital mobile radio. Radio amateurs around the globe has been using this standard to communicate.

The standard is defined only on the terminal side, not on the network side. Due to this, there was difficult in the early days to use repeater hardware from different manufacturers in the same network.

The problem using hardware of different brands was solved when the Brandmeister team released their server software and the site

The Brandmeister servers and their connection to each other

You can connect prebuilt repeater hardware from Motorola and Hytera as well as home build repeaters using MMDVM to the Brandmeister system. You can also connect hotspots acting not as a repeater but as a bridge between the network and a RF frequency.

My DMR-ID is 2400029. In case you want to try, feel free to give me a private call. You can also call me on talk group 2400.