Julian Assange


As you might have understood online privacy matters a lot to me.

This doesn’t mean I fully agree what Mr Julian Assange say or do. The same day as Mr Assange and Wikileaks releases as many leaks about China and Russia as they release about United States and its allies, that day I will re-evaluate my perception of them.

According my opinion Mr Assange and Wikileaks are connected to the Russian government to such level that we can call them Voice of Kremlin! Sarah Harrison, deeply involved in Wikileaks, helped Edward Snowden to escape to… Moscow.

Are all the people around Mr Assange good guys? No. One of them, Mr Jacob Appelbaum, is accused for sexual abuses in the film Risk by Laura Poitras. Mr Appelbaum’s abuses is even mentioned on Wikipedia. Maybe Mr Assange is guilty to whatever he is accused for by the Swedish prosecutor?

Yes, I believe we as individuals need to be able to keep our privacy and integrity when being online. But also states and governments need to keep secrets. Therefore all governmental agencies are not per definition bad.