Time-based One-time Passwords

Nitrokey Pro

OMG – I’ve just found out that I can use my Nitrokey Pro to generate Time-based One-time Passwords, also known as TOTP:s.

So far I thought I had to use a mobile app when Twitter, GitHub and other sites ask for a Two-Factor Authentication, 2FA, using a mobile app – but I now know I can use my Nitrokey Pro. As I really don’t trust Android as it’s a Google product I haven’t considered to start using one of those apps.

Normally, as far as I understand, you get a QR code to scan using the camera in your phone to add the code into the app to be able to later on generate the TOTP code back but you can also get the code in clear text.

Just copy this clear text into one of your Nitrokey Pro TOTP slots and voila – you can now copy the TOTP back whenever you want to login to your account!

For info about what sites supporting TOTP:s, please see dongleauth.info.